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Thoughts on Wisdom

I've recently restarted doing the ADF Dedicant program. Now, while writing the papers on the various virtues is not yet required (I've got a few weeks), I thought I'd start thinking about each of the virtues, one per day, and see what I can come up with over time. Yesterday I started with the first on the list... wisdom. So, while I was driving a bus full of students from point A to point B, to point C, back to B, back to A (lather, rinse, repeat), this is what I came up with.

The American Heritage Dictionary has the following definitions for 'wisdom'.

  1. Understanding of what is true, right, or lasting.

  2. Common sense; good judgement.

  3. Scholarly learning.

Looking at those definitions was a starting point for me. The second definition was the closest, to my mind, to the definition given in Our Own Druidry: good judgment, the ability to perceive people and situations correctly, deliberate about and decide on the correct response. This seemed fairly self-evident to me.

The first definition that was given is closer to my own definition of 'wisdom'. To me, wisdom is more about experiential learning, rather than the learning we do in school. Yes, what we learn in the course of our schooling does help us gain wisdom... but to me it is experience that grants wisdom, not just knowledge itself. I'm sure we can all think of someone that may not be very 'book smart' (may not even be literate), but is definitely 'wise'. To me, this just emphasizes the point that lack of knowledge does not equate to a lack of wisdom.

The third definition, as stated before, can help one to gain what I see as wisdom, but is not wisdom in and of itself. Scholarly learning in application is what wisdom is about. I know way too many folks that have quite a bit of 'book smarts', but are seriously lacking in wisdom... or common sense for that matter!

These thoughts lead me down the path of thinking about the Ancestors. I think wisdom is one of the major reasons for humans in general venerating our elders and ancestors. After all, the experience (or life knowledge) that they have can help guide those of us that come after towards what would be the proper societal and community actions and responses. The simple act of perpetuating a given society's or community's traditions and history are what perpetuates the same group's mores and ethos. That in turn helps those with less of that 'life knowledge' to learn what they need to learn, and become wise themselves.

Now, as regards the virtue of wisdom in relation to the rest of the nine virtues in the program... I think that wisdom is the primary (or controlling/guiding) virtue. It is wisdom that helps one balance or decide between a given set of virtues for any given situation. Let us use the example of 'hospitality' versus 'moderation' in the case of a dinner party where alcohol is available and the person in question is alcoholic. Wisdom is what would guide the person's decision as to whether they can balance the 'hospitality' virtue as regards drinking what is offered and the 'moderation' virtue that would guide them to drink less than they may 'need'... or to decide that 'moderation' is more important than 'hospitality' as their behavior when under the influence would violate 'hospitality' by itself.

Amazing the random thoughts one gets when driving a bus....

Fun times in Chinese tonight...

For those curious as to what goes on in a Chinese class, here's a little poem I'll be reciting. Enjoy!


Chūn mián bù jué xiăo,
Chù chù wén tí niăo,
Yè lái fĕng yŭ shēng,
Huā luò zhī duō shăo.

Morning comes unannounced to my spring slumber,
I hear birds calling all around,
In the night came sounds of wind and showers,
Many of the flowers must have fallen.



Has it really been over two years since I've posted here? Okay, that's scary. Note to self, update here more.

How to summarize two years? Okay, went to work for Xerox as a contract tech... contract ended. Learned to drive truck, did that for a year, didn't make money. Now I'm back at college at the University of Wyoming. How's that for an update? ;)

Oh, you want to know what I'm studying? Geology, so there! :P


Positive Day... I think.

Well, today I have an interview for a better job. Should I get the job, it shouldn't be as stressful (or at least not in the same way) and it definitely pays better. Problem is, it's a single position in a large company, and I know there are at least four others that have been recommended by someone in the company (as I have) for the job.

Wish me luck!



A happy birthday to....

 evulkoneko!  May you have many more, and a great amount of writing success in those years!


Work and silliness

Well, I've been quiet here a while, I know... but I have to say it's mostly due to work. It's kept me fairly frazzled, and my concentration is more or less shot at this time. It will get better, heck I'm working out more and generally getting my life back on track. Even my emotional life is getting better.

One of the decisions I've come to is that I definitely need to change industries. The customer service/phone support thing is killing me. So I'm in the process of saving $1500 to purchase the proper tools to do Airframe & Propulsion Mechanic school at one of the local community colleges. Is this the career I want? Probably not, but at least it will be a good interim career (read, makes more money than I make now) while I head to school to actually get a degree in what I want.

Makes sense, neh?

Now for the silliness part:

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More memes... again.

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What a bunch of losers! (Superhero Meme)

Ran across this on my flist, and decided to give it a post.

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