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Work and silliness

Well, I've been quiet here a while, I know... but I have to say it's mostly due to work. It's kept me fairly frazzled, and my concentration is more or less shot at this time. It will get better, heck I'm working out more and generally getting my life back on track. Even my emotional life is getting better.

One of the decisions I've come to is that I definitely need to change industries. The customer service/phone support thing is killing me. So I'm in the process of saving $1500 to purchase the proper tools to do Airframe & Propulsion Mechanic school at one of the local community colleges. Is this the career I want? Probably not, but at least it will be a good interim career (read, makes more money than I make now) while I head to school to actually get a degree in what I want.

Makes sense, neh?

Now for the silliness part:

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